I LOVE YOGA!  It makes me feel so balanced afterwards, even though the entire time I am off balance, shaking and wobbling.   Today I did 40min on the treadmill and a one hour yoga class.  I am pooped! But it feels good to be getting in shape again.


When I was in my 20’s I had a great body and generally never went over 125.  Then I hit 30 and things started to change for the worse.  It started slow with thingls like my underwear not fitting (I convinced myself that the washing machine shrank them all)  LOL!  Then my pants started to hurt me and eventually I had to by new ones in a “size larger”  Then my shirts began to get snug.  And before I really knew it, nothing in my closet fit me anymore.  Last week I had an epiphany…it was time to hit the gym and hard.

So, in an effort to be “real” I weigh 150 and I hate it.  Time for a change.  I am hoping that this blog will make me more accountable for my actions and lack there of in both my diet and my exercise regimen.

Dinner tonight was 4 small pieces of pork loin. 2 scoops of couscous and a small salad, maybe that will make up for the small piece if birthday cake I had at the office. Incidentally, the package on that bad devil said “includes 2 pounds of chocolate mouse” so you can about imagine.


One thought on “Yoga

  1. Cindy says:

    What’s a chocolate mouse? lol I hear you with the weight thing but you look great. If you start going during the week you should let me know…We don’t have to do the same stuff but if you know someone else is going you get more motivated. I really need to get back into the routine… taht’s what it is for me… he routine part. I am at the underwear stage… oops.

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