And look what I did today at work!  Yup!  And it is my favorite shirt too!  I was totally embarrassed/mortified.  I played it off like it was funny, but to me it wasn’t.  I will admit that this is an old shirt.  I actually got it after Hurricane Katrina with my Red Cross voucher from the Goodwill, but it was still my favorite shirt.  I have to admit, a little voice inside my head told me that it was because I have put on so much weight.  I am trying not to think that way, but it still.    Thank God I had a sweater at the office to prevent me from having to walk around half naked!  Ahhhh!  You have to laugh.

In other news…

Today for breakfast I had my favorite and Ol’ Standby a Fiber One Bar as recommended on the Biggest Looser (I love that show).   Only 140 calories and very delicious!


I was hungery about an hour later so I had a cup of Miso soup.  Miso soup is a standard in the Macrobiotic Diet….not that I am doing anything that drastic.  Just FYI.

For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with Munster cheese and it was also yummy (for a sandwich).  I did not have my camera, but I think we have all seen what a turkey sandwich looks like.

Snack TIME

In my office we have 3PM snack time, everyday.  It was instituted by a co-worker while I was off in Italy.  I have come to love snack time.  It is the perfect break in the day when you can sit back for 15min. or so and enjoy the company of your co-workers/friends and get a break from your desk.  It is also perfect because it breaks the day up nicely.  Today I had some Greek yogurt with some local Texas Honey in it.  Very delicious.  I am starting to get on this Greek yogurt band wagon.

A delicious treat!

I am home now and thinking about dinner.  What to eat on Friday night?  Where to go?

Question of the day:  Ever had a wardrobe malfunction at work or someplace else?


4 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT I DID!

  1. Rachel says:

    I have split the seat of my pants twice this year, so grateful I was in my work shop in the comfort of my home….I kept working instead of changing, natural air conditioning : )

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