Not so good morning!

I was trying to sleep in a little bit today, after all it is Saturday.  At 6:15 I needed some water.  OK, get out of bed get some water and then I was going to try to go back to sleep…that was suppose to be the plan.


This got in.


And this!


Somehow they snuck in the room whilst I went to get the water.  Little Devils.

They double teamed me. Mashing their little faces into mine, rubbing on me, walking on me, purr ring, head butting me and in general trolling for some love.  It is cute and all, but when you are trying to get some extra sleep, not so cute.  This went on for hours.

Then my husband decided to take a shower and leave the door open with the Oh so Bright Light beaming through the doorway.  I tell ya what does it take for a girl to get a little rest. I worked all week for the privilage of sleeping in on Saturday and no one will let me!

I gave up and got up at 10AM…to an empty house with just this note.

I love how Live is underlined!

A-mazing!  I guess he is mad because I slept so late.  He is an early bird.

Not starting off to be a very good day.  But I am going to try to make the best of it and hop in the shower and make it to Yoga and a short work out afterwards.

This is what I had for breakfast.

Breakfast of Champions

That is Karo syrup on there too with no butter (proud of myself for that).

Question of the day:  What ticks you off when you are trying to sleep?


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