Exercise and Dinner

After eating like such a pig last night I decided that some good ol’ exercise might do me some good, so I headed to the gym today and I did 3.6 miles on the treadmill.  That is the furthest and longest I have walked on the treadmill yet (1hr).  I know it is no marathon or a 10k, but I am proud of myself.  Whoop Whoop!

When I came home from the gym, Craig asked me if I wanted to go on a little nature hike.  Sure I said!  So we loaded up the dogs

Pancho and Eddie

and off we went to Walnut Creek Park

we saw some interesting flowers and berries too.

weird berries

Walnut creek Park has a lot to offer.

The trail wasn’t bad, or so we thought, but there was this sign that got us a little nervous…..

So we headed back after all “consequences” are something that I don’t like to deal with.

But we snapped this picture first before heading back.

Me on a rock

We had a really good time, but I think the dogs had an even better time.

Tuckered out Eddie

When we got home Craig whipped us up some dinner.  I was starved because all I had eaten today was some leftover fish and grits from Trulucks last night.  Have I told you that Craig can cook?   I am a lucky woman.

Chicken Tortilla Soup



It was yummie and relatively healthy!  Well I have to go do some stuff around the house and then watch Desperate Housewives (my guilty pleasure).  Have a good night.


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