What is so awesome about Wednesday that they give it’s own title, Humpday?  I mean honestly, the day drags by.  And then come lunch time you realize not only do you have half the day left, but the week is officially halfway over.  Bummer!

In other news….Tonight I had to bath the dogs…they hate me for it 😦  Whines and all sorts of pitiful noises come out of their little bodies to make me feel bad.  Seriously, I wish I had a video camera to play for you how pitiful they can be.  It almost sounds like talking.

Poor Eddie

Pitiful Panco

Don't you feel sorry for him?

I know I am so mean to them.  What can I say?  I hate stinky dogs!

Well I have a million things to do before tomorrow’s house guest arrives.

Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Cindy says:

    I think that’s the point in calling it “hump day” . There is nothing special about Wednesday…. But the philosophy is that if you can make it through the end of the day.. you are more than halfway to the weekend thus, over the hump. What else do you have to do before the company arrives?

    1. only1person says:

      Not to be contrary, but….at the beginning of the day you are on one side of the hump, but it takes ALL DAY to make it over the rest of the hump. Thus, humpday is not such a good analogy for the working man.

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