“I Quit”

My co-worker walked in 2 1/2hrs late to work today in jeans and a baseball cap and told the boss she quit.  It was quite the discussion all day.  We himmed and hawwed about why and for how long she had been planning to quit.  I have my own thoughts, but I find it very strange to just walk in and quit and never even give your 2 weeks notice.   That pretty much screws you for a job reference.  Burning your bridges is never a good thing to do, a leason I have had a hard time personally learning in my little lifetime.   The song ‘Take this job and shove it’ has been playing in my head all day today.

When I was a waitress on days where customers and managers were being “difficult” I fantasized about walking out.  I even had it all planed out once, but I sucked it up and did my job because I knew if I did quit like that I would only be putting my fellow co-workers in a bind.

To be honest, her quitting does put us in a bind with our upcoming travel, but I suppose we will have to soldier on and do our jobs with out her…somehow.

Have you ever up and quit a job with no notice?  Ever experienced someone walk out?


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