Gypsy Picnic Bust

Yesterday, we tried to make it to the Gypsy Picnic that was held downtown at Auditorium Shores.  The Gypsy Picnic is a collection of food trailers that serve up all of the best eats and sweets in Austin.  Some of these trailers are beyond words and speak to all of the Austin weirdness that this town has to offer while serving up a side of fries and cupcakes.  I was really looking forward to the whole experience.

My friend from work met us at our house and then the three of us headed downtown in my husband’s car, somehow I got elected to drive.  My other friend was waiting for us at the picnic.   As soon as we got on the Mopac expressway we hit bumper to bumper traffic.   We sat in that for a long time until we got past the car accident that caused the hold up. We went on to our exit and then sat in more bumper to bumper traffic.

We got about a block away from the entrance to the Gypsy Picnic when I noticed some smoke rising up from under the hood of the car.   I said “Honey your car is smoking.”  As the words were coming out of my mouth, there was a small explosion under the hood and smoke and liquid went everywhere….and then the car died in the middle of the traffic jam.

There were these boys out collecting money for the Easter Seals and they helped us push it out of the way, their good deed for the day.  A sincere thank you to them though.  They pushed our car right in front of the gates to the Gypsy Picnic.

My friend, who was inside the picnic, actually stood in line and got some food for us and brought it out to us.  We ate it while we waited for the tow truck.

Well, we made it to the picnic!


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