This morning I woke up early for me, 9Am and my husband talked me into going for a hike.  I got up, got dressed and ate breakfast within 40 minutes and off we went to Georgetown.

Georgetown is approximately 30 minutes from my house in Austin and I have never been there before.  There is this gigantic lake up there called, unoriginal as can be, Lake Georgetown, but it is actually quite beautiful.  I think it is some sort of natural park, but it is free to day hikers.  The trail was mostly shaded, which is great in the summer, not so great in the winter.  Today it was a little crisp outside, but nothing too bad.

After what seemed like a long hike, but actually wasn’t we got to the lake.

We hiked for a little while longer and then both of us decided we were hungry and it was well past out lunchtime, so we headed back.  But not before taking this wonderful picture.

Craig had heard about this little cafe in historic Georgetown that he wanted us to try called Monument Cafe and by sheer luck we found it.

It was lunchtime on a Saturday so there was a little 20minute wait, but it wasn’t too bad.  It gave us time to look at the menu.  To my surprise, they buy most of their produce from local farmers.  And all of their meat items are antibiotic free and raised locally.  I think that is pretty cool for a little cafe!  I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with hand cut French fries and onion rings:


My husband ordered the Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and squash.

I must admit, I had PES (Plate Envy Syndrome).  All in all I definitely will be back to Georgetown in the very near future.


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