Autumn Awareness

This past weekend, my friend and I went and took some pictures of what “fall” in Texas looks like.

Disclaimer: If you live in a place where fall is a truly distinct season then you will find this entry to be quite hysterical in comparison to your version of fall.  But for me, being from lush Louisiana  where there is NO fall to speak of, Texas definitely has a real autumn.

We started off at the Bull Creek Greenbelt.

Falls on Bull Creek

Oddly enough, there were very few people there in an otherwise busy park.  My goal was to locate the quintessential autumn red tree.  This is as close as I got.

Autumn Red

I did get some good shots of other things that gave the impression of what fall in Texas looks like.

My best shots were of the berries and flowers of autumn.

looks like cotton

After a long hike toting heavy cameras, we decided to head for the scenic Mt. Bonnell.

It is quite a climb.

Our goal was to try and catch some shots of fall from “above”.  The sun, however, was not in our favor, so most of my pictures came out a little hazy.

I did get this one though of the houses from Mt. Bonnell.

And I did get this other one of downtown Austin from FAR away….

Can you even see Downtown?

I had a good time hanging out with my friend and working on my hobby.

This outing I learned a lot about shutter speed. It is a lot to keep straight, but I am learning slowly.  I hope you enjoyed my pictures of fall in Texas.  See you soon.


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