A Christmas Tradition

My sweet husband got me tickets to the Nutcracker!  I haven’t seen it since my Dad took me when I was a little girl and the only thing I remembered was dancing mice. The tickets were suppose to be a surprise, but when Craig asked  me two weeks ago if I wanted to know what the surprise was….I said yes! Of course, who wouldn’t?

So, on Saturday night, we got a little dressed up….

And headed downtown to the Long Center.

What a cool building!

It was really cold last night too.  I am surprised I was able to take this shot because I was shaking so bad.!  The really neat thing about the Long Center is that it sits on the opposite side of the river from downtown Austin so you can see the skyline really well.

This doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, we went in and found the bar first off.  Craig had a red wine and I had a glass of champagne.  I had some champagne last weekend and now I am on some sort of bubblie kick.  We also pre-ordered our drinks for intermission (so we would not have to stand in line during the short break).  Who ever thought up pre-paying at intermission was a GENIUS!  Smartest thing I did all day.

After we drank/chugged our drinks we found our seats which were on the second floor.  Then the ballet began….

(Disclaimer: I did not take this picture or the first shot either, cameras are against the rules inside of the theater.)…but I wanted to.

Anyway, the show was wonderful!  The dancers were so ah-ma-zing, they made dancing in the tips of your toes seem so easy and effortless.  They did a wonderful job of telling the story of little Clara and her beloved Nutcracker .  The mice were cute too.  And the music was sooo good, I had the theme for the Nutcracker stuck in my head all day today.  I hadn’t realized how much of the Nutcracker music is so well known and almost common place.  Tchaikosky was also a genius!

I ended up splurging and buying this little guy….

He is even more handsome in person!

He is for the Christmas tree I didn’t put up this year.  He WILL BE the star of next year’s Christmas tree that I WILL put up.  The only reason I did not put a tree up this year is because I figured I wouldn’t be home to enjoy it with all of the work travel that I have been doing  (which is why I have been so absent from my blog FYI).  But the Nutcracker really put me in the Christmas spirit.  It was just so much fun to get out and really be a part of the fun part of Christmas after a long hard day fighting the crowds in their consumer frenzie. Additionally, it was romantic to be out on the town with my husband.  I felt the real tug of the Christmas spirit at my heart when I heard the Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Maybe we will make this a new Christmas Tradition?  What do you say honey?


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