Christmas Presents

It is Christmas time and what do you get your boss who has everything? Since I have 2 amazing bosses, myself and my work travel buddies decided to commemorate their awesomeness with a small token of our esteem.   We have been waiting for these to come in now for over a week.  They finally came in and unfortunately two of the four travel people were not there to see one of their reactions.  So here is what we go them…

Recognize this mug?

No idea?  Here is another hint…

Do you know?

Fans of The Office would recognize this mug anywhere as the coffee cup that sits on Michael Scott’s desk.  According to a super fan of the show, Michael Scott bought his own coffee cup from Spencers.  Which is true to form for Michael Scott being as he is such a narcissist.

I digress…

We (all my co-workers) are big fans of the show and frequently quote and reminisce  the different episodes.  One co-worker even has an Office desk calendar with daily quotes which I love! I hate to admit it, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves and a good “that’s what she said” slips out (this generally occurs when we are out of the office…we try to keep it professional).  So, this is what happens when you have a bunch of fans of The Office and 2 great bosses.  After all Christmas is the time to show people how you really feel about them.

I hope that your boss is as good as mine are!

I am off now to go see about my friend’s cats.  She is in Florida for 2 weeks and I am the part time cat sitter while she is gone.

Merry Christmas!


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