New Years Eve!

New Years Eve is one of those holidays where it can go either way: you can have a good time or it can be a real let down.  It is also a holiday with an almost universal mandate; most of the world participates in New Years Eve.  I have had some good New Years and some bad New Years.  I have even stayed in for New Years, but I always felt a little lame for it.

This year, my friend Suzy threw a party with her boyfriend and their neighbors…one party at two houses.  I was actually really excited to go and was anxious about it all day.  Plus I never get to see my friend Suzy anymore.

So it was a win win all the way!

I invited my friend, Cindy, to come with Craig and I.  The three of us drove down to the East side of Austin.  To Suzy and Lee’s house.  Upon arrival I saw Suzy right away.

apparently we both thought fake fur was the way to go this year

Suzy had a cozy little fire going with some spiked hot chocolate.

I love a New Years bonfire!

In Louisiana, I almost always went to New Years Eve parties that included a bonfire.  Most of those parties were WAY out in the country.  I haven’t had a New Years bonfire since I moved to the city of Austin.  To me, bonfires are what New Years Eve are all about, so this was a special treat!  I felt like I was home again for New Years.

Suzy and Lee started a new tradition this year as well.

A Pinata!

I took my turn with it too.

Craig looking on!

I have never hit a Pinata before.  They are much stronger than they look.  I also cheated a little bit.  When I would hit it I would grab onto it and whack it really hard several times before whomever was in charge of pulling it had a chance to pull it away.  I wasn’t the one who broke it, but I like to think I had a big part in it’s demise.

didn't stand a chance against drunk people with a stick!

Suzy and Lee stuffed it pretty good too.  There was a lot of adult prizes in there too.

Jose Cuervo Especial

We also got a bottle of Jack Daniels and a Du Rag (don’t judge).  It was a lot of fun!

Then it came down to midnight…and the New Years Kiss.  I don’t know who thought that tradition up, but I really like that person.  I got mine.


Cindy and I had a lot of fun!

We stayed until about 1AM or so (very late for me).  I was tired!

I think Cindy was too.

Happy 2011 Everyone!!!

Question:  What did you do for New Years?





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