Snow Day!

Last Friday (Feb. 4th 2011) Central Texas woke up to a winter wonderland and a snow day (no work or school).  So, I took the opportunity, before it melted, to take a few treasured shots. Disclaimer: if you are from the North these pictures will not impress you!

My little snow man...I made him all by myself!
I love the contrast of the pool and the snow.

Ever seen a cactus with snow on it before?
Our poor Sago Palm didn't make it through the is dead now 😦
Craig with a chunk of ice after it all melted

Well, it didn’t last long (you could literally see it melt before your eyes).  But we did have fun with it.  I started to make a snow ball and zing it at Craig, but then I thought things might have gotten out of hand…and they would have I know it.

It was so beautiful…Le sigh!

Now it is 26 degrees outside and no snow, what gives?  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It looks like it will be in the 70’s this weekend.

PS…sorry I have been away for so long, I will try to do better.


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Shelby says:

    That frickin snow man on the table is hilarious! It looks like the little boy next door that you babysit! hahaha!
    And what’s impressive is that you made a snowman out of the snow that you had available.

    ..seems you just make things work no matter whatcha got. 😉

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