Duds, Dandelions and Dinner!

Ah!  Nothing like a lunch time shopping spree!  I am not sure what came over me, perhaps it was all of the fashion blogs I read today, but by lunchtime, the GAP was calling my name.  I tried to resist…I really did, but to no avail.
I love bell bottoms and lately there have been so many of them on fashion blogs like Pretty Shinny Sparkly and Kendy Everyday.  Like I said I am not sure what came over me, but today was the day and I went with it and bought some bells!
Prettier in Person

Can you see my Bells?

I also grabbed a pink cardigan, they never go out of style! I also needed a new cardigan…can you believe I only own two.  Until yesterday that number was three, but something unexplainable happened to my favorite shade of red cardigan and it had to be thrown away in a tear induced funeral over the trash can.  Red cardi..you will be missed. 😦
I grabbed a new thin sweater in my favorite shade of blue.  Does anybody knows the name of this color?  Please let me know if you do.  I am tired of referring to it as “the-shade-of- blue-I-look-good-in”.   I am sure you are thinking: “Sweater?  You live in Texas and it is spring time now.”  But the reality of it all is that I work in a meat locker.  In fact, we have thermostat wars all the time between the young folks and the women going through menopause and they win most of the time.  Don’t mess with women going through menopause!
What Freakin Color is this?
When i got home I had a quick tour of my backyard.  I do this almost everyday to see what has grown overnight and what needs work.  Well I have my work cut out for me this weekend.  A $h!T-Ton of Dandelions!
I hate Dandelions!
Sure they are pretty.
I hate Dandelions!
And it is fun to make a wish on them and blow really hard.  But now when I see people blowing dandelions now I think “OH NO!  THEY ARE SPREADING SEEDS!”  I seriously hate Dandelions.  DEATH TO DANDELIONS I SAY!
I came home and whipped up a quick dinner of: mashed potatoes, blackberry pork loin and butter pecan Brussels sprouts stir-fry.
I think the Brussels sprouts were my favorite, but the pork loin was yummie!  The Brussels Sprouts are a recipe I got from my girl Holly Clegg.
The recipe is so easy!  Even Eddie could do it!
Shameless Dog Photo
Anyway!  It was good talkin’ with you.  I hope to be back soon.

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