Tonight, after work, Craig and I headed down south for the South by South West Festival (SXSW) to see Alejandro Escavedo!

First we stopped off at Zen for a quick bite of cheap sushi

It was OK.  Nothing to write home about, but for $20 not too shabby!

Then we crossed the street for some real SXSW action.

Here is the deal…..

First the North Mississippi Allstars took the stage.

But this guy got all of my attention…isn’t he so cool?!

I can’t think of anyone more cool than he.  He made me re-think my own Kool.  And I couldn’t come up with much.

see...not as kool!See, not as Kool.

But this guy had it down with the washboard.

Being from Louisiana, I love a good washboard.  And this guy had it DOWN!

But we all waited patiently for Alejandro to take the stage…………………………

And then he came out…

Amy Cook came out and sang a song with the band.


But the real star of the show was this guy…


Apparently, he is this boy genius on the guitar.   He did rock it too!

The whole thing was like some dream…I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Check out the moon tonight.

Moon Shot!

Ah well, tomorrow is another day…see ya when it’s over!



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