Mean Eyed Cat

Saturday night, we headed out to a local favorite here in Austin, the Mean Eyed Cat.  It is a Johnny Cash themed bar in the heart of downtown Austin located at the very end of 5th street.  

The reason for this outing was that Cindy’s friend, Heather, was in town for Cindy’s birthday (Happy Birthday Cindy!).  This was her last night in town and so we had to celebrate by stepping out.

I love all of the details that this bar as like the boys bathroom says “Johnny” and the girl’s door says “June”.  Inside, at the only bar in this juke-joint Johnny Cash music plays non-stop which must get old for the bartenders, unless they are huge Johnny Cash fans.  There are Johnny Cash references all over the place so much so that it oozes the Man in Black.

Since it was ACL weekend (that is Austin City Limits for you out of towners) the place was packed!

We were fortunate enough to have a spot to sit way,way, way in the back while we waited for our friends to arrive.  Funny story…the place was so packed they had to wait outside to get in because of fire code regulations.

Once they did we pretty much just hung out and listened to the music.  I don’t recall the name of the bad, but they were really good.   Here are some pic’s to commemorate the night.

Me and C
Heather, me and Cindy
Cindy and Heather
The other Craig and new friend Grady (hope I got your name right).

We ended up staying out until about 1AM (unheard of for me) and had a great time…listening to…

Real Country Music

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