A new chapter

Well, after yesterdays debacle: It is done deal!  I changed my last name.  I am now officially a married woman (after only 3 years).  And you know it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I didn’t cry or get sentimental.  I even found myself getting a little excited at the possibilities and how my new name would sound and look on paper.  I have even decided to view this name change as a fresh start. A new chapter in the ol’book.

The Social Security office wasn’t too bad, it only took about an hour.  And our representative was very nice.  I didn’t even try to get pictures of the event for fear I might be arrested.

After I became officially a Mrs.,  Craig and I went to Quality Seafood for some lunch and to celebrate my decision and the fact that I remembered to bring my ID with me this time.  I was in such a tizzy over the whole name change thing that I forgot to snap any pictures of the delicious Rainbow Trout that I had with french fries, potato salad and 3 hush puppies.  It was almost as good as a Louisiana restaurant.

After that I was so tired I needed a nap before my SafePlace training so I took one.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  When I woke up I looked for a job on the internet for a while and then made dinner.

SafePlace training was pretty interesting, we discussed how violence at home affects children.  There was a video about four children who lived in a very abusive home.  It was so abusive that the mother was stabbed in front of her children.  Very sad.

Now I am off to job search and read my readings for SafePlace class.  I also have a happy hour to go to today.   Sorry for no photo’s.  I am a bad blogger, but I will try to do better.


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