Love Balls

Some days can turn into little mini adventures all on their own.   Take this Saturday for instance.  I had no plans to do anything, but I ended up having a great day anyway.  Let’s start with breakfast.


I saw a picture of some delicious cantelope, home fries and eggs on Meals and Miles and I decided I just had to have it.  But home fries = a lot of work right?   To me anything that takes longer than 10 minutes does not constitute breakfast unless it is “special breakfast”.  Saturdays are usually reserved for “special breakfasts” so I said why not make home fries.  I had never made home fries before but they came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The lesson I learned from this was “use a non stick pan for home fries” .  I think I spent the same amount of time cooking them as I did cleaning up after them.  Plus I got a lecture from my husband on why I should have used the non stick pot.  Thanks Hun!

After Breakfast came the eternal question that my husband asks me every weekend: “Is there something I would like to do today?”

Usually, my answer is no because I am too lazy to think of anything fun to do.  Lame I know.  But without thinking I blurted out “I need to go take some pictures of the cityscape.”  You see dear readers, my header for my blog is out of date.  I took that picture of Austin’s skyline more than 3 years ago and the city doesn’t look like that anymore.  Plus any excuse to go take pictures will get me out of the house.

So, off we went to downtown.  First stop was I35 on the bridge next to the world’s worst dog park.  But those pictures didn’t have the right angle that I was looking for.   After that failed attempt of a photo shoot it was time for lunch.

Lunch/ Love Balls

If I have not mentioned it before, Austin is obsessed with food trailers, they are everywhere.  We found a small encampment off of East 6th.

But it was Love Balls that caught my eye.

Curious Much?

I am not big on octopus, but I do love rice (I am from Louisiana remember).  So, I ordered the Garlic Yaki Onigirri , but Craig was more adventuresome and he ordered the Takoyaki.

While we waited for our food I amused myself by sitting in this chair:

The Princess Chair

It says “Princess of Quite A Lot” and I just love how out of place it is, but this is Austin and nothing is really out of place here, that is sort of the point.

Then our food arrived.

Garlic Yaki Onigiri

Though it is just a ball of rice wrapped in seaweed with some soy sauce on it, it was delicious.  So delicious that I want one right now as I type these words.  Yumm!

Craig’s Takoyaki looked really good, but I decided not to try it.  I am a big wuss like that.


Are those not the smallest chop sticks of all time?

After lunch we headed Downtown to Auditorium Shores to take some pictures.  Here are a couple.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Austin

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the rock Gods of Austin.  Personally, I don’t fully get it, but whatever.  It is a cool statue though.

Craig (obviously) took the last one.

I am having a hard time picking one that I like for my header.

Which do you like the best?

After what seemed like forever to poor Craig, we headed home.  After all it was getting close to dinner time and Craig hadn’t cooked yet.


Craig really out did himself!  He cooked one of my all time favorites: Ropa Vieja.

Did you know Ropa Vieja means old clothes? Consider me a fountain of knowledge

Served with a side of black beans.

The beans were so hot they steamed up my lens or I forgot to focus…you decide.

After dinner we watched Thelma and Louise (edited version) on TV.  Craig had never seen it before.  Can you believe he said it was unrealistic?  Whatever!  Two older women out running the law in a Thunderbird isn’t realistic?

See ya later!


One thought on “Love Balls

  1. Shelby says:

    I love the part where you start on your journey and say, you go right past the “worlds worst dog park”… HA! Val, I miss you tons. I’m happy you have this blog so I can stay updated on your life!

    …And this makes for an enjoyable read. I’m happy to hear you’re writing, and I just might take your advice on that book. 🙂

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