AND……I’m back, NOW and for GOOD?:

Sunrise pool

Photo Taken By: LeBlancOriginalMasterworks

Yesterday, I made the most unsettling discovery. I may not get a whole lot done each day, but  I do get my blog fix on.  I know which days my favorite blogs post and I even know when (time of day) they post. The other ones I check on a daily basis sometimes twice a week.  Then there are some that I check in with every once in a while.

Then, yesterday, a blog I read every once in a while,  Young House Love, ended….As in they quit.  That’s right, I went to their page and it was a long goodbye letter to their readers posted in October.  My heart broke.  How had I let this one slip by? I went through all the stages of grief too:  denial “This must be a misprint”, anger “how dare they quit”, blame “I should have commented more”.

I really liked this blog because it was a combination blog where they blogged about life and home improvement. It was a totally relatable blog and those are hard to find.  I didn’t check this one that often but I liked knowing that Sherry and John were out there

Their long goodbye letter made me really upset as a reader. In reality I don’t even know these people, but they have brought me into their lives for years and years and now I will never see them again.  I’m a little sad and a little mad.

I guess I can’t understand how someone with such a successful blog could up and just quit.  I want to be a successful blogger so bad and I just can’t wrap my brain around bloggers who are at the top of the charts just walking away.  I know they had their reasons, but those reasons just don’t resonate with me.

Then it hit me about my own baby blog:  I had started this blog years before in 2011 and just abandoned it because of some comments some of my “friends” had made.  But secretly inside I had loved when I blogged.  Recently, I have been playing with the idea of getting a new blog started because I had missed blogging so much.

But I HAD abandoned it.  Left it in the deep recesses of the world wide web to wither and die.  I hadn’t written a single blog post since October 2011.  I was no better then Young House Love.  Then the idea came to me!  ReBirth.

Then all that negative self talk came creeping back in.  What if people criticize me again? What if people make fun of me? What if I get sick of this blog?  Will I just walk away then too?  I mean realistically will I keep this blog the rest of my life?

After much deliberation the answer is: Yes, I am going to keep this blog as long as they let me keep this blog!  Can I even keep a commitment that long?  I don’t know, but Im going to try!  The more I thought about it the more I thought that was a good idea and a good promise to keep to my readers and mostly myself.

And that is how Quarterly Gab was born.  Part promise, part accountability partner, part challenge.  It is now, a part of me.


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