Where have I been (the short version)?

Its been 4 long years and what have I been up to? That first year or so is fuzzy, because of time. However, I did have major surgery, a gallbladder removal down in Galveston the last weeks I worked disaster response; that’s a funny story in itself, one I will be telling later.

My job with disaster response ended not long after that. Following my lay off, I went through a major unemployment event.  It was compounded when my husband also went through his unemployment stent at the same time.  SO things were a bit tough for a little while to say the least.

Craig landed a job first and then I got a job as a program specialist/career counselor with the employment office, a job I held for 2 years.  First day on the job I found out I was pregnant.  Six weeks later I had a miscarriage, a real low point. But then God blessed us a few months later with the promise of another baby.  And life was so beautiful again, but I still think of what if.

When I was pregnant, we did go to New York for a Bababymoon.  I had the baby in October 2012, a beautiful baby girl named Eva and she is now almost 2 1/2 years old. Eva came out perfect and perfectly healthy;  I had some issues with breastfeeding that I will discuss some other time, but all in all things went pretty smoothly for giving birth.

I took my full FMLA time off  (3 months) and fell madly in love with my baby.  Three short months later I had to go back to work at my full time job and my heart broke to put my darling baby in daycare.  I will share that experience as well at another date as well.

I worked really hard, lots of long hours for little pay.  When we sat down and did our budget, almost all of it went to day care.  It was depressing!  Plus I really wanted to be home with my daughter.  I worked until my husband, Craig, had to take another job and daycare was no longer an option, plus we hated it.  I quit my full-time-outside-of-the-home job and became a stay-at-home mom in November 2013, Eva was a little over 1 years old.

After I left my job, I also became a stay at home snacker and gained almost 30 lbs (I love goldfish).   Hence you might not see too many recent pictures of me, but my weight loss journey will also be a part of this blog.

On a sad note, we lost our beloved Jack Russel Terrier, Eddie almost 1 year ago.  He passed away from cancer.  I had found Eddie in 2001 and he was approximately 1-3 years old.  So, Eddie was between 14 and 17 years.  He was my beloved co-pilot for many years and I miss him dearly.

So why haven’t I written in almost 4 years? Well, like I said, I got some rather unsettling comments on the ol’blog and my feelings got really hurt. Which is a whole blog post right there.  And then I got really busy and just never came back. Sorry.  I hope you can forgive me.

Sorry also for no pictures in this post.  My computer crashed and I now have no pictures of the last four years to share.  It is a real tragedy!  I delayed even publishing this post, but I felt the need to do so before much more time passed.


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