Quarterly Updates May 2015

Wow!   It is already time for a quarterly report.  Gulp!  I should have been more diligent than I was about keeping records.  


Image Source

Lets see, the Artist and I decided that it is OK for me to go back to work part time.  Since I am still struggling with the question of what do I want to be when I grow up? <–When will I ever solve this problem? I have no idea what type of job to look for.  I know I do not want to work in non-profit anymore as it is just that…no profit for me and my family.  I am browsing the job sites daily, but that brings me to the issue of what to do with BB while I work?

I toured a wonderful school that I love, but the timing is not right and they will most likely fill the spot.  But it is a wonderful Reggio Amelia centered schoolhouse (not a day care) called  Wholesome Generation where they have play dates outside all day and do tons of art. I would love for BB. to go there, but that isn’t meant to be.  So, we are back to looking at day cares and such.

Everything will be part time so that also is a challenge to find a program that matches up with work hours especially when I don’t know what my work hours will be.  Thus it is difficult to find the two and have a happy medium.

Going back to work definitely scares me a lot.  What if I lost all of my skills?  What if I can’t write on the professional level anymore? What if no one wants me?  What if it is too difficult to balance everything again?  What if BB resents me for doing it?  It is tough choice to make.  We shall see, but I am currently on the look out for a new business suit.

Another thing going on in the house hold is potty training;


Image Source

although, that is more so not going on as well as it use to be.  Forgive me non parents out there, I’ll try to not be gross.  BB started out one day and used the potty like a boss for three whole days, even told me when she had to go.  AND then she decided not to do it anymore AND so things have been rather crappy over here if you get my pun.  Short an sweet.

We did take BB to see Sesame Street Live.  She is a big time fan and she loved it!  I purchased our seats through Groupon and they weren’t horrible.

Sesame Street_Lets Dance

Sesame Street_BB

A True Fan!

In other interesting baby news, we brought BB to the dentist this quarter. Apparently she has an enlarged Frenulum, that is the piece of skin that connects your lip to your gum.  She also has about 6 chipped teeth, which is very alarming and upsetting.  As a parent, you try so hard with the teeth thing.  But the dentist told me that it was not my fault and that it was most likely a result of a trauma I experienced during my second trimester, like the food poising I had.  Apparently, when the dentist was a grad student he told me they did horrible things to lab rats who were pregnant in their second trimester and then examined their offspring.  He said the weirdest thing he saw was they exposed a mother to really loud music and her babies came out with defective teeth.  Poor thing, I felt sorry for that rat when he told me that. Yeah, though, BB’s teeth are messed up so now I have teeth anxiety.  Everytime I brush them I wonder if I’m doing a good enough job.

Another very sad thing that happened was my good friend moving away.  That was at the end of April. This was extremely sad. Rachel moved back to Missouri to live with her fiance.  She had been living in Austin for about a year and it broke my heart to say goodbye.  We threw her a small going away party that was super fun.  Sorry, I forgot to take my camera out. This is a photo of us from 2007, best picture I have of us, sorry.


Miss that girl!

This quarter also brought me the celebration of my third Mother ‘s Day.

The day before we drove out to the Monument Cafe in Georgetown and had lunch.

Monument Cafe

Monument Cafe BB

We had some delicious organic home grown food which is all they do there at that cafe, but the real show stopper was the Chocolate Pie.  It tasted like a silky sexy Hershey bar with whipped cream.  It had a candied pecan crust, so good.  Unfortunately, no pics there either. The next day, Mother’s Day, I worked a little bit at UBC and then the Artist and BB met me and we went down to the Ransom Center to see the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland exhibit.


Image Source

 For anyone who knows me knows this is basically my nerdy wet dream.  It was awesome with all sorts of Alice paraphanalia.  Coolest thing I saw was some Salvidor Dali prints of some live action takes from the book.  We also stopped and had lunch at Raising Cane’s, which for those of you who don’t know started in my hometown, Baton Rouge.  I had never eaten there before.  It was delicious! love me some Cane’s Sauce!

So that is it, not much, but what we had was fantastic!  See you back here in three months.  Things to look forward too are…drum roll…my 40th Birthday, more potty training, summer and who knows what else!  See Ya then!


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