Currently (June)

So, I have never done one of these before. I’ve always  kinda thought they were cheesy, maybe they are,  but I saw this one on several blogs and it inspired me to put some things into perspective and just take note of what I am thinking and doing.  So here goes:

Current Celebration:  Father’s Day (this weekend) and the Artist’s Birthday (later next month).

Current Confession:  Most people know I am a nerd and a spreadsheet junkie.  So, it might not shock any of you to know I am such a super nerd that I have a  spread sheet packing list for my suitcase. Maybe if I get really bored and can’t think of anything else to blog about….I’l bore you with that.

Current Product Find: In my case this was a total non find.  I tried Tom’s deodorant and it did not work.  There I said it, the crap doesn’t work America!  I walked around stinking for three weeks.  Yes, three weeks of bad B.O.  I gave it the old college try!  I wanted to like it because it is supposedly this great “green” product, but it did not work!  I’m back on my ol’ faithful aluminium loving, Secret clear gel now.

Current Plan: My Mother-In-Law is coming in less than two weeks Hooray! And then we are meeting my parent’s “half way” in Beaumont in August.

Current Book: The Law of Attraction well, it is a tough read.  I am actually in a book club kind of with my friend Cindy.  We are supposed to read Part I & II and then have a discussion about them. I hope I make it.  The book has has some good information in it, but the way the author tells the principals of this book is a little weird.  I don’t want to spoil it for you.  I’ll do a writers recap afterwards,.

Current Purchase:  New underwear and Epsom salts cause I’m sexy like that.

Current Drink:  Coffee, water and wine.  In that order.

Current Holy Moly:  My daily medication was just approved by the FDA for a generic pill. Holy COW this is huge!  It went from $200 to $20.  Like Wow Man!

Current Show: A Chef’s Life on PBS.  This show reminds me of my days of working in a restaurant.  The Artist and I want  to go eat at that restaurant when we go visit my brother-in-law one day in North Carolina.

Current Want:  A foot bath.  I mean a fancy one with jets and everything.  Hey you gotta live a little.  I went to Target today looking for one, but they said they only sell them as a seasonal item in winter.  Guess most people’s feet only hurt in the winter and I have freakish feet.  It’s all this ridiculously high arch I have been cursed with.  I don’t know how I walk upright with them.

Current Obsession: Podcasts.  Specifically, The Dave Ramsey Show. By telling you this now I have revealed myself to be an Ultra Nerd.  Go ahead laugh at me, now.  I am also looking for other podcasts now, so if you know of any…..

Well…this one was FUN and I urge you to play along in the comments section bellow. What are you Currently doing?  What kind of deodorant do you wear?  Are you and Ultra Nerd about something secretly?  Do you know any good podcasts?  Anything else you would like to share about your current life?


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