Hello WORLD!  My name is Valerie and I am 35  40 years old and I started this blog in 20011, but I left it to wither away in the world wide web until 2015 when I made my promise.   I live in Austin, TX ever since Hurricane Katrina blew me this way.  I am married to a wonderful man, the Artist and we share our home with 2 dogs  1 dog and 3 cats.  We also have an amazing 2 year old now, holy cow! This blog is about a real person, doing real things, eating real food and living just a simple happy life. This blog is my opinion and my life experiences.  I am not a certified anything: nutritionist, counselor, financial advisor or guru.  This is my trials and tribulations, successes and failures.  And I hope you like it!


One thought on “About

  1. Shelby says:

    Well, I liked the cooking pictures a lot. The other tripie hippie picture and comment of that dude’s band was pretty funny. Are you ever sarcastic? You seem very matter of fact a lot. It’s a lot about your life I know, but what about what you think or are imagining? Twists and turns are great for reading. I love it, but some things are a little dry… I only know this because I’m not very creative with my words – only “colorful.” haha!

    I had started a blog but it never followed up with it. eh. I didn’t even add pictures! I do like this site you used.

    Anyhoot, keep on truckin’ lady! I like the captioning.. I think I’d just make things a little more personal. Right now it seems like you have a perfect life. And maybe you do, but perfection can be sometimes a little less fresh… Show some imperfections lady! 🙂 DRAMA! lol haha!


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